Pet Insurance? Which on should I get?

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Pet Insurance? Which one should I get?

A question we often come across from our clients is "Is pet insurance worth it?" and the answer is, Yes. Most people do not get a dog or a cat and begin to save for the accidents, aging ailments or the unexpected surgeries that can pop up in your pet's life time.

But which one?

There are different policies out there that offer different things. There are policies that will reimburse you for vaccines and routine care, but your monthly cost will easily add up to the amount of a yearly visit with your pet's veterinarian, if not more. Others will only over true accidents, and only to a certin amount. These policies are very helpful if your pet is hit by a car or breaks a bone. But, what about when our pets grow older and begin to show signs of kidney/liver changes, diabetes, hip dysplasia and so on?

TRUPANION is an insurance plan that we've heard great things about and seems to be a good fit for everyone. TRUPANION is a policy that will cover ALMOST every type of injury or illness, as long as there is no pre-existing condition. There are no breed restricted conditions nor hereditary or congenital exclusions.

TRUPANION will pay you back for diagnostic testing, surgeries, hospital stays, medications and supplements and even prosthetic devices and carts. TRUPANION will cover 90% of our unexpected veterinary costs after you meet your deductible (which you choose!). There is no limit to the amount they will reimburse, for the lifetime of your pet. What they do not cover is the exam fee, wellness and preventitve care and/or pre-existing conditions.

Below is a table of common injury or illness and the reimbursment amounts TRUPANION has paid.

Injury or Illness

Typical Cost

Less Deductible

Reimbursement at 90%

Poisonous plant ingestion




Hit By a Car




Vomiting and diarrhea




Foreign body ingestion







One thing to keep in mind with any pet insurance policy, you pay up front and the company will reimburse you directly. For more information or to get a quote, visit Next time your pet is in for a physical exam ask us about their free 30 day trial.